Buying and selling.
Like you’ve never experienced before.

The new way to offload things you no longer need. To people you don’t mind meeting.
All within a 10-minute walking distance.


"Is this still available?"

You won’t be seeing that ever again. 

Get requests from people who live nearby and take your pick based on their profile, rating, number of purchases, and how reliable they are in showing up.

Sell your items to people who live nearby

Post your item and wait for the requests to come rolling in. Everything that requests your item will be within a 10-minute walking distance.

Pick the buyer that meets your criteria


To help you make quick decisions, you can check out their profile picture, rating, number of purchases and how reliable they are in showing up.

Get ready, now you have 10 minutes!

Once you found your buyer, accept their request and get ready to exchange! You both have 5 minutes to get to the meeting point that is set by you.

People buy from people

Scroll through your feed to see who’s selling what nearby and how they stack up. See their profile picture, rating,  number of sales and how reliable they are at completing a sale.

The best part... Always get a quick response

Within 60 seconds, you’ll know if the seller wants to sell to you. And within the next 10 minutes, you’ll be saying hi and bye, with the items in your hands.


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